About Us

We’re a small, nimble team of designers, Shopify experts, and web developers. We’ve run our own businesses, worked at large agencies, and brought products to market. Now, we’re here for you.

Springhouse Branding

The Goldilocks of Studios

Starting up is expensive enough—you don’t need the overhead of a multinational agency or the risk of going with a solopreneur. Shopwell is your happy place, where agency experience meets boutique service. Our design decisions are informed by both analytics and you. Because we believe collaboration is essential to a successful project.

Design well, Shopwell

We believe design can do more than look good—it can grow your business. It’s not enough for your ecommerce site to look pretty; it’s got to perform, too, or what’s the point? Performance measures may look different for different businesses, but they typically have one thing in common: More sales. Our design services will help you get there.

Askov Finlayson Mobile Website

Our Expertise


Branding is the core of your business and your logo is just one piece of it. Together, we will develop a visual system that communicates your values and makes your business immediately recognizable.

Print + Packaging

Ensure your customers enjoy receiving and using your products through thoughtful packaging and print design. These interactions with your brand will turn your customers into loyal, raving fans. 


Customers want to connect with you on an emotional level, and the best way to do that is with words. Professional copywriting gets your message across in a way that speaks the truth about you, your voice, and your brand.


Selling online has never been easier, thanks to Shopify—it’s the only ecommerce platform we trust. Why? Because they’re the best at what they do, which means you can forget the ecommerce jargon and study sessions, and be the best at what you do.

Web Design & Development

For many businesses, your website is your business. We love creating digital experiences that turn website visitors into happy, loyal customers.

E-Commerce Consulting & Optimization

We can help you understand what’s possible with your online store and business, identify areas you should optimize, and develop a plan to reach your goals.

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