We're Hiring

Shopify Developer

You have a thorough knowledge of Shopify, Wordpress, and Webflow, platform APIs, applications, and a vast understanding of PHP and javascript. We are seeking candidates who are excited to create amazing online experiences, experiment with design, and push the boundaries in developing Shopify and Web projects. At Shopwell, we design high-end web and eCommerce experiences, web applications, marketing websites, and more. Applicants must be well-versed in developing the end product for our clients. Your skills will be essential to help us reach new heights in the business, and help our clients be successful in their ventures. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the development of the Shopify Plus platform, themes, liquid programming language, and corresponding applications and more. 
  • Design UX based on our brand standard and style guide
  • Implement system integrations that are crucial to our success
  • Contribute to the development of open-source software, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, and common web technologies integral to building seamless multi-channel experiences
  • Knowledgeable in security / personal data protection principles and GDPR
  • Developing testing plans and troubleshooting issues related to eCommerce issues
  • Conducting root cause analysis and determining/developing corresponding action items
  • Implement advanced debugging techniques and usage of browser developer tools


  • 3-6 Years of experience in Website Development
  • General experience building, launching and maintaining stores, as well as general knowledge of the admin system
  • Demonstrable expertise with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, with an in-depth understanding of DOM
  • Experience with Shopify and Webflow
  • Experience with working with a made theme and/or Storefront API
  • Experience with Shopify's theming system and Liquid templating
  • Experience with implementing/debugging 3rd party Shopify apps as well as creating custom solutions if necessary
  • Thorough understanding and experience with vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, ES2015/ES6, and modern JavaScript frameworks
  • Experience with Shopify's object/properties, AJAX API, and Meta fields
  • Thorough testing and debugging skills with browser console and external tools
  • Experience developing for responsive layouts for a desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Experience working with 3rd party services and APIs, specifical plugins for Shopify
  • Ability to communicate well, giving proactive feedback to peers and team
  • Good organizational skills

Please send your application including cover letter and portfolio to hello@shopwelldesign.com